puts "Hello, world!"

We are ICRuby, a group of people living in and around Iowa City, IA brought together by a shared interest in the Ruby Programming Language.

Want to be a part? Come to a meeting, contribute to this site, or get in touch.

What's the meeting schedule?

We get together in person the first Thursday of each month over lunch (12pm - 1 pm) in downtown Iowa City. Unless otherwise noted, we meet at the University of Iowa ITS Room #2951 in the Old Capitol Mall. We're on Meetup too. If you can't make it then, we're part of a related group called OpenHack that meets about 2 weeks after ICRuby.


Don't be afraid to join in! We were all new once and would be happy to help you take your first steps into the Ruby world. We love answering any questions you may have.


Have you already gotten your feet wet? Come to us with questions, to show work you've done, or just to get to know other Rubyists in the area.


Care about the finer points of Ruby or playing with the next big thing? You're not the only one. Join us for an interesting (although geeky) conversation.

What are we up to?